Getting the Most Out of Summer

Am I Lost?

It’s truly a blessing that the Philippines is endowed with white sand beaches scattered all over the archipelago. Ask the locals wherever you are, surely they will point you to the right direction. Say for example Cebu! Situated at the center of the country, Cebu City has been the top destination for tourists every summer. Apart from its heritage and culture, Cebu has a lot to offer. One of them is Bantayan Island.


Going to Bantayan will consume roughly 3 to 4 hours of your time coming from the city (bus and ferry combined). But who cares anyway? You get to see Cebu in its glory along the way. Trust me, you’ll be amazed. And once you step on the island after getting out of the ferry, the adventure starts.


Bantayan Island has a lot in its sleeves. Aside from its crystal clear white sand beaches, it also boast a…

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2 thoughts on “Getting the Most Out of Summer”

  1. We missed this… on field trip. Our boss is a member of CERA/Ct Trolley Museum……..but very inactive. Felt terrible about the photo of the Delaware&Hudson coal car….he restored this car LOT of years ago.

    Boss (Ken) knows lot of people there including Galen, the President; Mr. Bellevue who owns a railroad near there; plus a lot of folks who are “pushing daisies”.

    Small World!



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