Decades in the (re)Making

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“My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over. Our Constitution works; our great Republic is a government of laws and not of men. … Let us restore the golden rule to our political process, and let brotherly love purge our hearts of suspicion and of hate.”

– Gerald R. Ford, “Remarks Upon Taking the Oath of Office as President

Something happened to our nation in 1974. It was more than Watergate and the disgrace of President Nixon. Years later, Jimmy Carter famously called it “malaise” – a feeling of unease that is hard to pin down. As we discussed in People’s Economics it shows up as a turning point in the economy, too.

Primarily it’s been a crisis of spirit and identity. Who are we? What are we doing?

The natural end to this crisis may be at hand. Like an addict on a 43 year…

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Filipina Heroine

Pacific Paratrooper

Magdalena Leones Magdalena Leones

The Silver Star is the third-highest honor for gallantry in the U.S. Armed Forces. Previous recipients include Audie Murphy, Chuck Yeager, and Norman Schwartzkopf. But few people have heard of Magdalena Leones – she was a Filipino woman that served as a guerrilla soldier under U.S. command in World War II.

Leones was in her 20s when she joined the Philippine-American military effort. She is part of a small group of women – and is the only Filipino woman – to receive the award for her heroism. She died on June 16th in Richmond, California at 96-years old.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors recognized her on June 28. “We are diminished by the passing of Corporal Magdalena Leones, Silver Star Filipina World War II veteran — the only Asian to receive this honor,” Supervisor Jane Kim said. “Corporal Leones has paved the way for many…

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The Great Bridge At Poughkeepsie


From the collection of the late Austin McEntee

In this view from the Poughkeepsie waterfront, the bridge is nearing completion. The falsework has been removed from the western section and the center has been connected. Only the section over Poughkeepsie is incomplete.

This is only one of many great photographs of the construction of this magnificant bridge. Mr. McEntee was BUSY!

See many ore great photos and lots of great stories about the bridge.

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The Rhinebeck & Connecticut Railroad


Mt. Riga Station on a sunny day in September 1938. Tracks to the right of the station are NYC Harlem line. CNE tracks were on the left side of the building.

Nimke Volume 3 Page 103

Find out more interesting thingq about the Rhinebeck & Conneticut Railroad

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