Stanley Steamer, Yorklyn, Delaware

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Steamcar Yorklyn DelawareThis  is  a  Stanley  Steamer  at  Auburn  Heights  in  Yorklyn,  Delaware.

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Votes for Women

Windows into History

Lillie Devereux Blake Lillie Devereux Blake

Snippets 115. In the previous snippet we looked at a quote from Jonathan and His Continent by Max O’Rell. Although he is one of my favourite ‘forgotten’ authors, a travel writer whose books are funny and readable, despite now all being well over 100 years old, sometimes his comments can seem abhorrent to a modern reader. Times have changed since 1889, and the subject of women’s rights is a prime example.

In a country where woman is a spoilt child, petted, and made so much of, who can do and dare almost anything, it is strange to find women who are not content with their lot, but demand the complete emancipation of their sex.

American women asking for complete emancipation! It makes one smile.

I was talking one evening with Mrs. Devereux Blake, the chief of the movement. (She is a lady middle-aged, well-preserved, of a…

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