December 1944 (1)

Pacific Paratrooper

Japanese destroyer sinks in Ormoc Bay

6 December – the main thrust of Operation Wa on Leyte, P.I. was provided by the Japanese 26th Division, minus the battalion that was attempting to protect Ormoc, but the enemy found it difficult to maintain their schedule given to them by the Manila headquarters.  General Suzuki requested a 2-day delay, but he was denied.

Only 300 Japanese paratroopers of the 16th Division were left after desertions to jump on the Buraen airfield.  The 700 troopers of the 3rd Parachute Regiment, flying in from Luzon, ran into heavy flak and lost 4 planes.  The remaining Japanese

Major Shirai Tsuneharu suiting up for Leyte jump.

aircraft dropped their troopers on the 11th Airborne Headquarters Company.  [Smitty’s unit] (an eye witness story on this will appear on another day.)

8→9 December – 500 more enemy paratroopers were assigned to to jump on an airfield…

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917-10Kent Island, established in 1631, is the third oldest permanent English settlement in our country, predated only by Jamestown, Virginia and Plymouth, Massachusetts. Kent Island is the largest island in the Chesapeake Bay, and with direct access to Annapolis, Washington, Baltimore, and all points west via the William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial Bridge, the Bay Bridge to everybody but the state of Maryland, Kent Island is considered by many to be the Gateway to Maryland’s Eastern Shore, and the first stop once one arrives in the Land of Pleasant Living.hmhi2

Kent Island, like the Eastern Shore in general, is a place known for history, hard work, hospitality, and humor. DSCN0408

In 1977, Maryland Governor Marvin Mandel designated the third weekend in May to be Kent Island Days, and it was declared by official decree that the state would from that point on annually acknowledge Kent Island’s…

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Banff’s upcoming rail transportation hub a ‘game-changer’: mayor


From CBC.CA via California Rail News

Banff mayor hopes project another step toward commuter rail service with Calgary

Banff’s historic rail lands are set to be transformed into a mass transportation hub for the town.

The goal is to have the heritage train station serve as the arrival and departure point for current and future mass transit options, including regional public transit and shuttles from Calgary.

The plan also includes a parking lot with capacity for up to 900 vehicles.

The project is being spearheaded by long-time Banff residents Adam and Jan Waterous, of Liricon Capital.

Banff ponders bringing back passenger train service from Calgary
“The entire town of Banff was built around this train station, not the other way around,” said Jan Waterous.

“So travel originated here and the town was built out from it. So what we’re doing is kind of bringing it back to the future and…

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This Parenting Moment of Chaos and Bliss

J. A. Allen

This morning my clock radio went off at 7am with the morning news.

It was not good news, given the current state of planet Earth: the political climate of North America, the atrocities children faceoverseas, and the overbookings of certain (idiotic)American Airlines. But, I had things to accomplish. So, I tunedeverything outside our home out—got up, brushed my teeth, and ran down a mental list of everything I had to do to get the hellions out the door for school.

Blare some music: for some reason they’re obsessed with waking up to Centuries, by Fall Out Boy.

Get breakfast ready, make them actually eat it, watch the middle one brush his teeth (otherwise he won’t), make lunches, ensure the little one is wearing underwear, and pack a lunch the older one will eat, because he is, *insert eyeroll* just so tired of eating sandwiches.

But a funny thing happened while…

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