#WATWB: Jessie Kuster

Yes, we follow GP Cox also!

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Jessie Kuster

One of the blogs I have been following for a very long time is “Pacific Paratrooper” by GP Cox. GP shares stories about the war(s) in the Pacific theater, and shares little known history, first-person accounts, stories from the enemy’s point of view and a little bit of humor. One of the regular features of that blog as a section called Farewell Salutes, which calls attention to the veterans who have passed away. When I was reading that sad section yesterday, I noticed an entry from Hartford, Connecticut.

I know, this is supposed to be a blogfest where we share uplifting stories about humanity, and I am sharing an obituary.

I’m sorry, if I’m breaking the rules, but when I started reading about Jessie Kuster’s life, my day became better. Jessie didn’t win a major battle. Jessie wasn’t the first woman to do this, that…

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