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Jessie Kuster

One of the blogs I have been following for a very long time is “Pacific Paratrooper” by GP Cox. GP shares stories about the war(s) in the Pacific theater, and shares little known history, first-person accounts, stories from the enemy’s point of view and a little bit of humor. One of the regular features of that blog as a section called Farewell Salutes, which calls attention to the veterans who have passed away. When I was reading that sad section yesterday, I noticed an entry from Hartford, Connecticut.

I know, this is supposed to be a blogfest where we share uplifting stories about humanity, and I am sharing an obituary.

I’m sorry, if I’m breaking the rules, but when I started reading about Jessie Kuster’s life, my day became better. Jessie didn’t win a major battle. Jessie wasn’t the first woman to do this, that…

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Hyde Park, New York Railroad Station in the Hudson Valley.

Hyde Park was the home of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Find out more about trains run for Presidents of the United States.

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Siemens Charger Goes “Live” On AMTRAK


The California-built, environmentally-friendly Charger locomotives will begin operation of revenue testing on the Capitol Corridor service before the end of this month. Officials on hand for the 2017 California Passenger Rail Summit, taking place in Sacramento April 18-19, celebrated the arrival of the clean locomotives.

“These Chargers will help provide California’s passenger rail services with a fleet of locomotives that meet very stringent emission standards,” said Caltrans Director, Malcolm Dougherty. “Not only will they make for a more sustainable transportation system, but are also expected to improve reliability and help efforts to double current statewide ridership of 5.4 million passengers by 2040.”

California Rail News did not talk about AMTRAK

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