Owning More With Less

Supply Chen Management

We can choose to have anything, but we cannot choose to have everything.  This is the basis of economics, where there are unlimited wants in a world with limited resources.  How is it possible to own more, do more, impact more, with less?

In today’s culture, where we are pounded by advertisements virtually every minute of our lives, they tell us to buy.  They tell us “this is the item you didn’t know you needed”.  Is this true?  If so, how did millions of people live without this supposed life changing invention?  Some inventions are truly groundbreaking: electricity, internet, 3-D printers, mobile phones, etc.  However, the vast majority of products are created with one thought in mind: profit.  How do you communicate to the masses to purchase this product?  Advertisements & Marketing.

It’s a numbers game.  Create a product, then market to thousands, if not millions of people.  If 5%…

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