Destiny: Divinity’s Finale, Book 4, Chapter 5

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Aralyn took some time to get used to her new name and identity. She had been the naive little girl from France for so many years that the truth now was very daunting. Her newfound love was a major comfort to her as she sorted out her life and what she would do with it.

Two days passed while the ship returned to Ravenna. The men were given two days of shore leave while their leaders contemplated the next move. There were six of them sitting in the galley trying to decide where to go next.

Baltazar sat with Aralyn on one side of the table while the other chairs were taken by Gilles, Morgan, Papi, and Lailah. Baltazar folded his hands in front of his face, “So, obviously we can’t run forever, what is our next move?”

“Legion is one that is many.” Lailah replied. “He can…

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