Following the Strates Carnival Train is absolutely FASCINATING

Above picture shows the Strates Carnival Train crossing the Iona Trestle
CSX River Line (former New York Central) on June 7, 2004.

Copyright © 2005 Lewis Bogaty.


Sunday, June 5, 2005
The Strates Carnival train should be moving Monday from Gaithersberg,MD to Danbury, CT

Tuesday, June 7, 2005
Looks like we are gonna be in for a long wait. The Strates Carnival train was still in Maryland, at 9 PM! Monday It’s on the move – slowly but surely. We probably won’t see the train heading down the Housatonic until late Tuesday afternoon or Tuesday night.

CSX Philly list has P955 finally making its way east… CSXT 2684 on the point through Newark, Delaware on a slow order, 0540. Strates Train, P955 at CP Nice on the CSX Trenton Line at 7:45 a.m.

Strates was going through Iona Island NY on CSX River Line at 3:40pm, symbol P955.

It was in Jersey at noon; Bear Mountain a little before 4pm; it’s not even to Pittsfield yet.

Once in Pittsfield, MA the HRRC takes over as power and brings the train South. HRRC track speeds vary. Max is around25MPH with some sections 10 MPH or less.

NX-11 just went north through New Milford at around 3:45 PM with 16 cars and 3602 for power. I guess this would mean it will be a while before the Strates train comes down.

All, latest update is that the carnival train won’t arrive into Pittsfield until approx 21:30 (if all goes well with CSX). Might be an early morning arrival into CT!

For what it’s worth, the strates train finally amde it to Selkirk at 1845 Tuesday night. They added a unit at the Ravena siding, and presumably headed directly east on the B&A without entering the yard.

The Strates Carnival Train arrived in the darkness of late night at 10:08 PM Tuesday, at Pittsfield, MA. The train was hauled by four CSX units; the leader was an ex-Conrail SD40-2 still in Conrail paint.

As of 23:20 hours, the Strates train (Extra 3604) received an additional Line 2 on their Form D authorizing them to go from MP 70 (South Lee) to SHIRE (Berkshire Junction).

June 8, 2005
At about 11:15 PM there was some talk on the scanner about ‘giving the carny train more railroad’. At 12:37 AM the Strates Train was spotted in Housatonic with two engines.

In Canaan the train stopped at the Housatonic Engine Facility to add power. After a 10-20 minute delay, the train resumed the trip South, now with three engines. .

The two HRRC Hi-Railers were spotted at several crossings. In Cornwall one of them even did an impressive Defect Detector impersonation, except he left out the axle count.

My best guess is that the train would have arrived at FAIR somewhere around 4:00-4:30 AM today.

As of 0815 the Strates train was parked at MP74 on the Maybrook line behind Stop & Shop (on Mill Plain Rd) in Danbury. Power consist is 3604, 3601, and 3602 (GP35/GP35/GP35M). Units are on the west-end of the flats, unloading was going on at Segar St; approx 1/3 of the flat cars unloaded. Coaches are spotted east of Segar St. crossing.

At Segar street, half the flats were already unloaded at 10 am. Power was a sole GP35M 3602 which departed probably to work NX11. They began to unload the second half of the Flats. I would guess the power will return later this afternoon to move the flats and spot the coaches under the 84 underpass as they have done in past years.

June 9, 2005:
There are actually 9 coaches, and one generator car (converted baggage car), and 45 flats.They expect to be in Danbury for 4 or 5 weeks.

Now you can follow the Strates Shows with their GPS map!

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