Surviving college as a mom:)


Being a parent and attending college can be challenging but not impossible. I am a mother who is also a student at Orange Coast Community College here in Costa Mesa CA. I am majoring in Radiologic Technologist. I have many goals in life and one of them is to graduate with honors. As I just started my semester I wanted to provide a few pointers on what has been helping me throughout my journey.

  1. I take night classes since I know in a few months I’ll beheading back to work.
  2. I am also part time so I don’t stress our too much .
  3. I make sure throughout my day I have a healthy meal to keep me energized and drink plenty of fluids.
  4. I maintain organized and make sure I have a routine.
  5. Time management is a must.
  6. Start small….ONLYdo what you can handle, so you’re not dropping classes becauseyou…

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