Shot through the heart. . .


This right hand jet stream trailing

downwards, reminds me of a

“flaming arrow.”

Feathery feelings float

and flutter on a whole

different level.

This evokes thoughts

of how different two

people can be.

One was raised

be forthright and direct.

Other protects his

heart while


arrows of



The song with same title

as the post written today is,

“Shot through the Heart”

came out in 1984.

The one I think of

and know the lyrics is called,

“You Give Love a Bad Name.”

This was related in lyrics by

repeating within chorus the line,

‘shot through the heart,’ (1986).

Both are Bon Jovi songs. Band

member, Richie Samboro

and Desmond Child

co-wrote 2nd song

with Bon Jovi.


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P/O J. A. Philpott – RCAF Log Books

Aviation Trails

These books were kindly lent to me to read, they are the service records of P/O J. A. Philpott (1312948) of the R.C.A.F.

They are four in total and cover a period from September 1941 to November 1945. I shall read them and share some of the records later. These were kindly lent to me by his grandson to whom I am very grateful.

P/O J. A. Philpott - Log Books

P/O J. A. Philpott - Log Books

P/O J. A. Philpott - Log Books

P/O J. A. Philpott - Log Books

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Teaching Engagements

Pamela Pandolfi

This week is a busy and exciting one for me!

Monday, April 3, I will be holding my last class for a very successful T-shirt quilt class at Sweet Home School’s Community Education.  I will be doing more classes, and will post when those are!!

Tuesday, April 4, at 6:30pm I will be doing a hands-on presentation on The Meaning of Color at the Newman Center on Skinnerville Road.  I’ll be talking about how colors effect our mood, spiritual meaning of colors, and bible references of the colors. We will be painting, so if you come, please wear a smock.

Wednesday, April 5, 6:30pm I will be at the Twin City Quilt Guild presenting my Trunk Show.  I am excited to tell my quilt journey and share my quilts!

Tuesday and Wednesday are at no cost to you. Please come and join these presentations! I would love to see you!

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Happy world health day !!

Miles from our home

Hey everyone. Just writing this small post and requesting you everyone to workout at least 30 minutes a day. It’s hardly 3% of your entire day.
The type of body we maintain till the age of 30 decides our future body shape, stamina and strength.

Late is never, start working out.
Eat healthy. Avoid fast processed food and junk food. Prefer home made food.

Drink 4 litres water everyday.

If you are working out daily for ౩-4 muscles, the protein intake for you is “Body weight * 2” grams

If you are a beginner or just training muscles with light weight or own body weight then the protein intake is “Body weight * 1.8” grams.
If you want to gain muscles then go for 3000+ calories and high carbs diet.

If you are loosing weight then go for low carbs and 1500-2000 calories per day.
Start following, don’t lie to…

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Surviving college as a mom:)


Being a parent and attending college can be challenging but not impossible. I am a mother who is also a student at Orange Coast Community College here in Costa Mesa CA. I am majoring in Radiologic Technologist. I have many goals in life and one of them is to graduate with honors. As I just started my semester I wanted to provide a few pointers on what has been helping me throughout my journey.

  1. I take night classes since I know in a few months I’ll beheading back to work.
  2. I am also part time so I don’t stress our too much .
  3. I make sure throughout my day I have a healthy meal to keep me energized and drink plenty of fluids.
  4. I maintain organized and make sure I have a routine.
  5. Time management is a must.
  6. Start small….ONLYdo what you can handle, so you’re not dropping classes becauseyou…

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