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Pacific Paratrooper

There were a few dogfights everyday above Bito Beach between Zeros and P-38s, but at night there was a rather unique spectacle watched by the men.  Some of you might remember an episode of the television show, “M.A.S.H.” entitled “5 o’clock Charlie” – this had to be where they got the idea for that particular episode.  The 11th airborne had their very own “Washing Machine Charlie” routinely chugging overhead.  On a daily basis, his old engine coughed around so loudly he could be heard for miles.  His flight path was so predictable that sounding the air raid alarm seemed ludicrous to the troops.  The bomber only succeeded in landing one shell after his many raids and it happened to hit the causeway.  The engineers were forced to return and rebuild the breach.

My father told me that he would just shrug it off when he heard “Charlie’s” plane overhead.  He only hoped that all of…

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H&M Spring Icons Selected by the Weeknd


The Canadian pop sensation The Weekend and H&M have teamed up to create a lineup of street style-influenced essentials for the Spring Icons Collection. The collection will be available in stores and online starting March 2 and this grey “XO” sweatshirt and the super sleek black coat are calling my name!

I feel it coming / The Weeknd, Daft Punk


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World’s First Avocado Bar is Obviously in Brooklyn

Mary in Manhattan

Brooklyn is an obvious place for the trendiest fruit in the world to have a brick & mortar sanctuary for hipsters to revel in the glory of their edible deity.

Brooklyn is just SO COOL. You can make fun of the hipsters as much as you want, but wow…just walk through the streets of Williamsburg and tell me that it’s not cool. JUST TRY.

Either way,  yes there is an Avocado bar, it is in Brooklyn and it just went on my bucket list. Here’s a sneak peek:

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