“Make a Wish and Do as Dreamers Do” 

The Pixie Dusted Disney Freak

Wishes has been around for a little more than 13 years now, and since it played its first showing to the public, it has fascinated everyone who has seen it since then. Sadly, Disney recently announced that Magic Kingdom’s firework show will be closing in a few months. Change can be a good thing, but most Disney fans are sad to see this show go.

I can’t explain how sad I am to see Wishes go away. This firework show is the best firework show, in my opinion, and I love everything about it. From the moment, I hear the Blue Fairy, it is so very magical. Everything about Wishes is magical. The song, the fireworks, the theme behind the fireworks, seeing people of all ages watch Wishes in amazement, and Cinderella’s Castle lightingup with beautiful colors are all so magical things about Wishes. Walt Disney World itself is so…

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Is Banking a Man’s World?

Needull in a haystack

“This’s a Man’s World….”

This 60s song by John Brown is specially true when it comes to banking industry. The women comprise less than 20% in the banking industry. There are claims that this might be because women are weaker / less interested in Maths compared to men. The veracity of this ludicurous claim is something about which I recently wrote in my blog at Brazen Banker.

But your Needull for today is not something I wrote about in this blog. It is a recent data about the second part in the above seemingly male chauvinist song that I referred to earlier.

“But it would be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl…”

So, today’s Needull is about why women are actually better at handling money compared to men. A research about women as investor / trader has seen that their risk averse nature actually helps in better returns to their investment. The…

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