Post-Trump path to a whole new vision


To be honest, I was as disappointed as my liberal brothers and sisters at Trumpโ€™s victory. Equally disappointing, though, is that most liberals seem to have gotten exactly the wrong message.

2016 should have been a cakewalk for liberals. A civil war raged within Republican ranks between the old guard and the alt-right. The demographics of the U.S. population was growing less favorable for Republicans every year, and Obama had won two straight victories. Add Trumpโ€™s unlikely candidacy, and many wondered if the Republican Party would survive the next few years.

What went wrong? Surely, the 24/7 right-wing propaganda machine from talk radio and Fox News had some impact, but we had known their impact for years and Republicans still seemed on the ropes. So the real question is, how did liberals alienate so many people that they could not close what should have been a done deal? I believeโ€ฆ

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Hello my lovely readers ๐Ÿ™‚ Howโ€™s everything going?

Today I want to share with you amug cake inspired in the Tiffanyโ€™s jewellery boxes. I feel like these colours are perfect for a winter cake but the pattern looks really feminine and dainty. I feel like with this cake you can have a proper Breakfast at Tiffanyโ€™s haha (I know, itโ€™s a terrible joke).


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Okay, letโ€™s all be honest here. Weโ€™ve all social media creeped before. Whether itโ€™s on your exโ€™s new girlfriend or one of your coworkers, social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have given us free range to snoop to our heartโ€™s content. My girlfriends and I have had many a conversation about our in depth creeping sessions and it always provides us with a laugh fest or heart wrenching girl talks about our findings. But what happens when you feel a little too creeped out by someoneโ€™s Facebook creeping?

So, on Wednesday my dad and I went to Dairy Queen to get an ice cream cake for my momโ€™s birthday. The same Dairy Queen that my best friend worked at well over a year ago. Itโ€™s not somewhere that I actively frequent except for the handful of times that Iโ€™ve stopped in to see her or went with herโ€ฆ

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Utica Comets Win In A Shoot Out Against Albany Devils

Albany, NY – The Utica Comets continued to overpower the Albany Devils in the season series with a 2-1 win in a shootout on Friday night at the Times Union Center.

The teams skated to a scoreless first period with the Comets outshooting the Devils by a 9-5 margin. Both rookie goaltenders, Mackenzie Blackwood and Thatcher Demko, played a stellar first period.

The game remained tied through 40 minutes with the Devils outshooting the Comets 13-7 in the second period.

4:01 into the third period, Carter Banks was hooked on a breakaway and awarded a penalty shot. The captain scored glove-high on Blackwood for his ninth of the year. With 24.4 seconds left in the game, the Devils converted on a power play with Blackwood pulled for the extra attacker. Jacob MacDonald scored his seventh of the year from Carter Camper and Nick Lappin. This goal forced overtime and eventually a shootout to break the tie. Chad Billins began the shootout with a goal beating Blackwood five-hole. Brian Gibbons and Lappin were unsuccessful in their attempt. After Curtis Valk was denied in his attempt, Darren Archibald scored to win the game. The Comets won six times in the eight games against Albany this season.

Demko stopped 33 shots, including two in the shootout, to improve his record to 19-12-4. Blackwood made 24 saves and one in the shootout and fall to a record of 13-11-4. The Comets power play did not score on five attempts and killed three of four penalties.

The Comets continue the six-game road trip ย Saturday ย night in Syracuse with a 7 p.m. game against the Crunch. The game can be heard live on 94.9 KROCK or viewed on AHL Live.

For the latest Comets news visit or follow the team on Facebook (, Twitter (@UticaComets), Instagram (@UticaComets), Snapchat (@UticaComets) and the Comets YouTube Channel