As India Celebrates Winter Harvest !

From my Pen to your Soul

Hello my Readers,

We are already in the mid of January and with it begins the festive season of the calendar 2017. My entire nation (well by nation here I am referring India) is pumped up with the glory of celebrating the winter harvest festivals. Whether it is Lohri in the North, or Sankranti in the West, East and Central, or Magh Bihu in the North-East or Pongal / Bhogi down the South;  whatever be the name, it’s indeed the season of joy and feasting across the country. I find a common bond in all these winter festivals – and that is – ‘Food’ !! With food I remember all those yummy Ladoos, Barfis, Kheer/Payasam, Chikkis, Rabri, Malpowas, Pithas, Halwas, Jamuns ….. (I can go on and on !!!)

To my readers, as you all know I hail from the north-eastern part of India called Assam, I have been celebrating

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