Letters to the Power Plant #84 — Dilbert in a Dell Shirt

Power Plant Men

After I left the power plant and went to work for Dell on August 20, 2001, I wrote letters back to my friends at the plant letting them know how things were going.  This is the eighty fourth letter I wrote.  Keep in mind that at the time when I originally penned this letter I didn’t intend on it being posted online.

9/12/03 – Dilbert In a Dell Shirt

Dear friends from Sooner Plant and beyond,

I had to stop and take the time to write to you guys.  For two reasons.  One is that I will be in training again all next week in Dallas, and I don’t know if I will have time to write to you then.  The other reason is because I was just given another Dell Shirt that says, “One Dell.  One Community” on it, and it has a picture of a globe with the…

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Let Your Voice Be Heard


“Wow, I don’t know how I can compete with that,” she said.  “That’s a tough act to follow!”

Jennifer, like everyone else in the class–a Creative Nonfiction Workshop–was a would-be writer, and, also like everyone else in the class, shared the same nervousness and reservations prior to a critique of her work.


Every week, we would read two essays, submitted by fellow Workshop students, and would then critique the essays during the next class.  This particular class, held on a cold upstate New York November evening in the late 1990s, featured two essays that were very different in scope and tone.  The first one, which we had just reviewed with glowing praise, was a ten-page tour de force of a young man’s experience backpacking through Europe the summer after he graduated from high school. It told, in clipped, precise prose, his adventures traveling through the small towns and rural beauty…

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As India Celebrates Winter Harvest !

From my Pen to your Soul

Hello my Readers,

We are already in the mid of January and with it begins the festive season of the calendar 2017. My entire nation (well by nation here I am referring India) is pumped up with the glory of celebrating the winter harvest festivals. Whether it is Lohri in the North, or Sankranti in the West, East and Central, or Magh Bihu in the North-East or Pongal / Bhogi down the South;  whatever be the name, it’s indeed the season of joy and feasting across the country. I find a common bond in all these winter festivals – and that is – ‘Food’ !! With food I remember all those yummy Ladoos, Barfis, Kheer/Payasam, Chikkis, Rabri, Malpowas, Pithas, Halwas, Jamuns ….. (I can go on and on !!!)

To my readers, as you all know I hail from the north-eastern part of India called Assam, I have been celebrating

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Witless Wednesday

Cynthia Reyes

I’m being driven witless.

Witless, I tell you.

By the multitude of articles telling me I need to live more simply by getting rid of stuff. Warning me that I’ll expire of unhappiness because my closets and cupboards are cluttered.

Honestly, at least twice a day in the last week, I’ve read these admonitions and how-to’s. Oprah’s online magazine, O. Better Homes and Gardens. The daily newspapers. Blog posts. 

Why is it driving me witless, otherwise known as bonkers and even bouleversee?

Maybe it’s because I know there is at least a grain of truth in most of these articles. In the last year, I’ve given things away and still suspect that I could do with less. (I hold on to old towels because they can be reused to dust, clean floors, etc., etc. My daughter says that’s crazy.)

But mostly it’s because all of these advice articles demand…

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