Fostering Conversation And Respect

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I hope to express myself on my blog in such a way to not offend anyone on a personal level. Of course we will have differences on various things but I hope to build bridges and understanding on the topics of the day. If you have ever been offended let me know so we can work it out. Fostering conversation can be a good thing and will bring people together.

I also reserve the right to post what I want here but in a responsible manner.

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2016 in nutshell

Smiles here & Smiles there

2016 is long gone,10 days into 2017, and this year has already started leaving its footprints in all our lives. Be sure that I ainโ€™t gonna bore you with the highlights of 2016.

But I would just show you what all good things happened with me(read Smiles here and Smiles there ๐Ÿ˜› )

I started making Vlogs and I think that was the best decision ever because it widens my thoughts and helps me help others in whatever way possible. Presently I have 65 subscribers on YouTube. My aim is to reach 1000 by the end of next year(I think I am being far fetched but I want to achieve the figure).

I also started meeting blogger friends in real life and it couldnโ€™t be any better.

In 2016, I have met โ€”

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Biosphere 2 ~ Oracle, Arizona

A Note From Abroad

January 14th ~ Oracle, Arizona

Biosphere 2 Biosphere 2

As is often the case, our travel plans are fluid. While driving toward Tucson, I spotted a billboard touting Biosphere 2. I remember reading a small blurb about it years ago and was curious to check it out. So, after a short stop to recalibrate our GPS destination, off we went in that direction.ย 

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Killer Whale Sub Species

Blog of Things:

In the wake of hearing about Sea Worldโ€™s star attraction Tilikumโ€˜s death I got the urge to read up on killer whales again. Tilikum was made famous by the movie Blackfish witches aired on CNN. In which a documentary team made a documentary about having an animal such as a an orca in such a small space and safety of the trainers that work with them and use to get in the pools with them. Everyone likes to see animals up close, especially ones as big and magestic as an orca but it would be nice to see them in bigger and more natural habitats than the ones they are in at Sea World.

Killer Whales have different sub species all around the world. Many of them are different in size and colorings. Worth reading up on. I for one use to love seeing them up close atโ€ฆ

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