Should i put on a new mask? 

kens lite pen

I was unfortunate,

I was hapless,

I was luckless,

I was ill-starred,

I was ill-fated

Every of my female folks talk of their dignity,

Their stratum,

Their caste,

I am ashamed,

I am in dismay.

That night,

My fault,

It was good to follow a friend home,

I thought,

Now i am ashamed,

Now i am in dismay

To step up again,

Very difficult,

To be called a woman someday,

Seems impossible,

But i am still a lady,

“I have been disciplined”

My new dignity.

This is for every female who have been sexually harassed or who have lost their inalienable pride (virginity) you shouldn’t feel stigmatized from your friends. Your dignity still rest within, try to see life beautiful with sanity without virginity.

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