Let’s Breathe!

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There can be only one real time fear for a Man and that is the death of the Imagination.

Imagine the poorness of a life, poverty of a life where there is no dreams.

Imagination makes way to my fairytale, where I find myself with you in the air, you know. We both can breathe together.

Reality is suffocating, it lacks the Air.

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Dreaming Of A Southwest Chief Connection From Los Angeles To Denver


By Noel T. Braymer

The Colorado State Senate recently voted for a report to be finished by the end of this year on the feasibility of rail passenger service between Trinidad, Colorado in the south of the State to Cheyenne Wyoming just north of the State Line. This would use existing railroads that parallel the I-25 Freeway which runs north and south of Denver along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. It would be written by many of the same people which were responsible for getting Amtrak to commit to rerouting the Southwest Chief to Pueblo. The bill for this report is expected to be passed by the legislature. Final plans have not been announced about future rail service on this route. But this could include a section of the Southwest Chief to Denver. Ideally this would include connections to the California Zephyr in Denver and connections to the…

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