Ringling Brothers, RIP

The Arts Mechanical

The greatest show on earth is folding it’s tents, so to speak and retiring it’s trains. Why, is up in the air, but it seems that PETA used it’s typical smear tactics to convince enough parents not to take their kids to the show.  After all if you are trying to take you’re kids to something new and that can be scary sometimes for young kids, do you really want to be confronted by a pack of howling harpies. Clowns are part of the circus and not very funny being jerks.

Typically once these people destroy one part of our culture they don’t care about the holes that get left and the emptiness that no longer gets filled.  Because they lack the empathy to understand what they are doing, they never see the people that get hurt and little bit of shrinkage. Where does one go for spectacle when the Greatest…

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