DIY Lamp Upgrade

DIY in a Dorm

20170107_195630While browsing through random items in a thrift store today, I saw the prettiest little polygons on a lamp base. Without a moment’s delay, I decided to buy it and to my great happiness it costed only 50 rupees. The excitement, however, was short lived. I picked the lamp up and its shade came off, revealing a completely destroyed plastic structure underneath that had a Chelsea emblem. A similar logo was printed on one of the polygons too, which made me realize they were actually the sides of a football. But there was a silver lining to this disappointment–even if it was a football inspired lamp, it still had those polygons and as long as the world doesn’t run out of spray paint, I know that anything can be transformed.

This dark blue football shaped lamp, that must’ve been a young Chelsea fan’s treasure once, got a makeover and is currently…

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