2016 – A bad year for progress

Pertinent Problems

To say 2016 was a bad year for progress is an understatement. A right-wing populist surge continues to sweep the Western world, bloody conflict rages on in the Middle-East, and with it comes an outpouring of refugees in unprecedented numbers. The left and the principles of liberalism as a whole have taken a beating, and given the state of social-democratic and socialist parties across Europe, 2017 doesn’t look like it will be much better. This article will argue that whilst the Left largely deserves to be in the dire state that it is, there is hope for progressive parties in 2017 and beyond.

2016 certainly has been a bad year for people who consider themselves to be left of centre: in America Donald Trump won a shock victory, Britain voted narrowly to leave the EU, and across Europe, liberals are in rout. It’s not just a case of losing elections…

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