Life And Death Goes Together.

An Obvious Oblivion Blog

Life is supposed to be lived 
and not to be understood.One lifetime falls short 
to understand 
or know a person completely, 
how do we understand the life itself 
which stands so ruthlessly huge 
in front of us?I have no fair intentions 
to understand Life either. 
I only keep making my judgements of it 
basis how it shapes up for me. 
Life and death 
always appeared to be 
two ends of the bridge. 
Little did I know 
that death goes hand in hand with life.Every time I felt the separation, 
something did die in me. 
Some forced separations 
while some consciously chosen.Either way, 
something in me always died, 
making me realise 
more of my existence 
as a depleting flesh around a Skelton.Like a one-way train journey, life does stop at some stations only to move ahead later. With each departure, hope to get back to that…

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