Theatre Can Change Perceptions – We Need It Now More Than Ever

Soft Left Politics

Amongst the manynews storiesthere have been about DonaldTrump and Mike Pence since their election in November one perhaps seemingly un-political is the news thatVice-President Elect Pence visited Hamilton the musical on Broadway.At the end of the show the cast members directly addressed Pence, expressing their worry and concern that his and Donald Trump’s administration will not protect them – the members of society so many seem keen to ignore, despite their numbers. While the cast of Hamilton received many wonderful remarks in response to their message, there were neverthelessthose voices dismissing the theatre as a place for conversation and social criticism.

However, theatre is an extremely important asset to us in times like this. A political asset, even. One that can show us the flaws in our society that we are blind to in our own lives. Theatre forces you to watch, to listen and hopefully to understand. It is…

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