The Top 10 Albums of 2016


2016 music. A rock star released his magnum opus, then cancer stole him just hours later; later, a competitive rapper proclaimed that opus 2016’s best; but somehow it missed out on a Grammy nomination for Best Album; meanwhile, a country singer who got the nod emphasized his wish for a certain R&B artist to take his spot; then we realized that yet another R&B artist will eventually take home the grand prize; still, hip-hop outplayed R&B in critical acclaim the whole time; and now, aware that a “genre” is perhaps a socially-constructed self-fulfilling prophecy, music exits 2016 towards a more eclectic future era.

That’s what I have to say on music this year. A melodrama and a metanarrative wrung into one elaborate run-on sentence. Now then, before we encounter my top 10 movies, let’s get to the (unranked, uncontroversial) music edition.

Lemonade – Beyoncé


Unlike lemonade, Lemonade is unpleasant…

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