Hyperloop One has a short list of cities for its 760-mile-per-hour trains


Above: Hyperloop One’s test site in Las Vegas.

Image Credit: Hyperloop One

Hyperloop One is working on a transportation technology that can make trains go as fast as 760 miles per hour. The company has raised $160 million in several rounds to build the transportation systems that seem like something out of science fiction.

Despite a lawsuit from former high-ranking employees, the company has moved swiftly to add new executives and expand its search for sites where it can build its lightning-fast transportation networks in cities around the world. (The company denied the allegations and countersued the former employees.)

Hyperloop One continues to build out its 100,000-square-foot Metalworks fabrication facility and 137-acre Apex test and safety site in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Construction of the company’s full-system development loop is underway as Hyperloop One prepares for its “Kitty Hawk moment” in the first quarter of 2017.

Last week, during CES…

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By the Mighty Mumford

At Christmas a number of us,

Don’t have much family fuss…

They’re too far away

Or communication’s belayed,

In coming together we trust.

Hopefully I won’t work,

But will if my buddy’s Dad’s hurt…

Just me and thee

Rejoice happily,

Praising God which art and wert!

Christmas evening/morning at church,

Blessings by Christ’s birth…

Good to attend

This year we intend,

If at all possible give Him berth.

–Jonathan Caswell

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