The Old Bicycle, Yorklyn, Delaware

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Man & Bike Yorklyn DelawareMan & Bike II Yorklyn DelawareA  man  on  an  old  bicycle  at  the  Auburn  Heights  Preserve  in  Yorklyn,  Delaware.

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Landing the 11th Airborne Division

Pacific Paratrooper

Medic on Leyte

As General Eichelberger said more than once: “The 11th Airborne Division are the fightingest men I’ve ever seen.” And the largest and most violent armed conflict in history was about to start for these men.

November of 1944 arrived and with that came packing up for the next destination, Leyte, Philippines. It also meant the arrival of the rains, an understatement to say the least. Such downpours are alien to those who do not live in the tropics. Even the darkness is unique when it arrives in a flash and the blackness envelops everything like a sweeping shroud. A man’s eyes can no longer be trusted; he stands as though blindfolded.

11 November – 9 APA’s (naval transport ships designed to attack) and AKA’s (cargo ships designed to attack) would be required to carry the 11th A/B on to their target from Oro Bay with an escort…

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The Best Way To Transport From Orlando Airport & Shuttle To Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral Transportation

Shuttle to Port Canaveral

Is it accurate to say that you are scanning for an uncommon direct ride? Voyage Orlando to Port Canaveral Transportation is the perfect decision for you and your family! It offers excellent perspective and best-quality organizations. We promise you that you can endeavor once and going to yet again. Port Canaveral Transportation service is an awesome decision that always value the astonishing environment of Orlando. The excellent Transportation Port Canaveral home like manner offer upheld transport providers. Transportation to Port Canaveral stimulating minimal effort per individual for round trek!

Shuttle to Port Canaveral is quite a transportation association that gives straightforwardness, quality and moderate for customers. Riding a voyage is one of the best Shuttle Port Canaveral comprehension of a present time. It is the immovable nature of all master to make the essential courses of action. Orlando Cruise Shuttle to Port Canaveral offers the best organization through transportation. Cruise…

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“Make a Wish and Do as Dreamers Do” 

The Pixie Dusted Disney Freak

Wishes has been around for a little more than 13 years now, and since it played its first showing to the public, it has fascinated everyone who has seen it since then. Sadly, Disney recently announced that Magic Kingdom’s firework show will be closing in a few months. Change can be a good thing, but most Disney fans are sad to see this show go.

I can’t explain how sad I am to see Wishes go away. This firework show is the best firework show, in my opinion, and I love everything about it. From the moment, I hear the Blue Fairy, it is so very magical. Everything about Wishes is magical. The song, the fireworks, the theme behind the fireworks, seeing people of all ages watch Wishes in amazement, and Cinderella’s Castle lightingup with beautiful colors are all so magical things about Wishes. Walt Disney World itself is so…

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