Little Pig in the House


This little piggy stopped eating and stopped getting out of bed. He was hunched and lethargic.  The others would push and pull eating at the food and by lunchtime he would just stand still while they jostled him this way and that. Just like the other piglet that died last week. And  then he stopped getting up for food. By then enough was enough.  I was not letting this get too far and took a totally different tack from the piggie I lost. dsc_0133

I got out the dog crate, pushed the sluggish shivering body into it, closed the door and called to John to help me carry him inside. (I know if you seperate a piglet from its sisters you break a social chain but I was not going to have another one die.) We carried the dog crate from the barn to the house and into the warm cloak room…

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