Music Review: “Hip-Hop Hooray” by Naughty By Nature


Hip Hop Hooray is my favorite song. It represents Hip Hop and its history. I have fun with this song. I love the rhythm rhymes of it. This is a great classic song. I remember watching the music video. I love most of the songs from the group Naughty By Nature. The style is different from the rest of the singing rap and hip hop groups. The style of the way they wear clothes they represent true hip hop. It is simply a song to enjoy and be rowdy from it. The cars hop up and down. the neighborhood community jump up and down. They sing to its rhymes. We all look tough and intimidating just for fun. They talk about pretty women all looking sexy and skinny attractive. I enjoy the styles of clothing from this group. They dress and look cool! My other favorite song from them is “O.P.P.”

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