The Stepmother – Claire Seeber

Cleopatra Loves Books

Psychological Thriller 5*s Psychological Thriller

Jeanie and Matthew King have just got married after knowing each other for just six months. Jeanie moves out of her small house on the seafront into Matthew’s large house, complete with creepers around the windows. Is this her fairy-tale castle? After all Jeanie has now been cast in the role of stepmother to twins, Scarlett and Luke who are fourteen. But that’s OK Jeanie has her son, Frankie who has just gone off to college so she knows all about teenagers.

This book has a terrific structure told as it is from Jeanie’s point of view but with interjections from her younger sister Marlena, comments that give a picture of what was going on with a good dollop of hindsight. Jeanie and Marlena had a tough start in life but they’ve both made it. Marlena is a journalist and Jeanie a teacher and now Jeanie has…

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