Follow up post on my blog post – Can you make God’s work into a business. 

Romy Ras Certified Life Coach

Good evening my lovely followers, it has been awhile, I’m sorry.

I would like to write this post to follow up on my previous post: Can you make God’s work into a business.

I was thinking about this post for the past week and today it passed my mind again. When I checked my blog website, I received a reply from one of my followers. See the comment below: There is a line a believe. God gave you knowledge to write a book, to spread to the world. The book profits are his blessings to you, however much the worth or however meager. What you do with that money that the lord has blessed you with is the real issue. Take care of yourself and and your family, be sure there is food on the table a roof over your heads. Be sure you are able to provide your…

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