Do those meant to serve us actually listen to us?

Erratic Expeditions

In a complex society like India’s, government plays a pivotal role and affect nearly all aspects of people’s lives. That the government enjoys and exercises considerable influence on our lives was evident a few weeks ago when our Prime Minister announced that the old 500 and 1000 rupee notes will no longer be legal tender.

How these far-fetching decisions are made should indeed be a matter of public debate. PM Modi’s website released a statement stating 93% people support demonetisation which seemed highly ambiguous, quite contrary to reality. Sadly, that is what symbolises our public engagement. Does the government take public confidence into account when implementing such policies?

What has been characteristic malaise of successive governments throughout Indian history is their propensity not to listen to people. They have adopted a paternal know-it-all approach to politics and policies. They listen sporadically, poorly at best, or sometimes, not at all to the public as…

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