Change is Good…

The Godly Chic Diaries

The beginning of the new year comes with fresh perspective in life, a spirit of change and happiness.This year I have decided to embrace change and growth, to take control of my life and shape my future. I can’t believe that this is the year I will turn 20 and embark on my 3rd year at University. Where has the time gone?…

Looking back to 2016, so much has happened and changed so quickly. New friends, new goals,new places, new technology, new opportunities…

I know that (2017) is going to be an exciting, breathtaking and also terryfying year all at once. This path of my Life is definitely going to be dangerously alive, bursting with electric colours, flickering with new opportunities and hordes of second chances. I find myself twisting and turning constantly, simultaneously full of fear and joy.

It’s scary, not knowing what lies ahead or what could happen…

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