Minioning the Dark Way: Viewing the Fishbowl

Wide Awake But Dreaming

Okay, so little update on personal side first.  I’ve pretty much gotten over whatever was affected me yesterday.  My throat is still kind of raw and I still feel a little weak, but all of the cold and flu symptoms have vanished.  So unless I come down with a relapse of something today, my trip to DC tomorrow is guaranteed.  I will be up at four AM; I will be on the bus at six; I will be in Washington by nine.  They need to pick up a few things tonight and lay out my attire for tomorrow, but that’s it.  All remains now is to get through the next twenty-four hours healthy.

Needless to say I went to days straight without writing.  I believe I’ve only done that once before in the last three and a half years, though this time it didn’t feel the least bit guilty about…

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