e pluribus unum

Erratic Expeditions

It has become a trend these days to bash Donald Trump. Well, he has become the President-elect of the United States so he must have done something right, don’t you think? Many say – ‘Well, Hillary got more popular votes than Trump.’ Of course, she did. Alas, she isn’t the President-elect. And we have to live with it.

So, why did it happen? A reality-TV celebrity with a history of sexist and racist thinking who has had to face bankruptcy many times – how did he become President? And it is happening not only in the US. In July, we had Brexit in the UK. Nationalist right wing political parties are on the rise all over the world – Switzerland, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Greece, France, Denmark, Austria, Germany. The centrist and the centre-left have lost a lot of political ground in countries around the world. So, how did we get…

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