A couple weeks ago, our small-town county seat hit the news in a big way.


Centreville, in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland, is located at the head of the Corsica River, an offshoot of the Chester River, which is itself a tributary of the mighty Chesapeake Bay. Until late in December, 2016, Centreville’s most notable claim to fame was probably the county courthouse building, which was built in 1792, and is the oldest continuously used courthouse in our nation.


Centreville is quiet and quaint, with a mishmash of historic architecture, a reputation for rolling up the streets after dark, and, frankly, little for the outside world to ever get overly-excited about.

Then everybody found out about our Russians.



Just as 2016, the icon-killing, political crap-storm bastard of a year that it was, was finally coming to a torturous end, reports started to break that a waterfront retreat on…

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