Smitty – Letter XI

Pacific Paratrooper

Everett 'Smitty' Smith and the 187th Regiment Everett ‘Smitty’ Smith and the 187th Regiment

This following letter from Smitty will show how much the G.I.’s of WWII and those of today have in common.  Human nature doesn’t seem to change very much in 68 years.

11th A/B patches

11th A/B patches


Letter XI                                      Java at 2100                                Thursday 8/10/44

Dear Mom,  Java at 2100 is nothing more or less than a good old-fashioned gabfest or the same as women folk back home call a “Koffee Klotch.”

There are a few differences though that need a little explaining.  At home, the girls gather and talk, generally about the one who isn’t present; including in this conversation, her husband and his family, also hers and then down the line to her most distant relatives.  Also, they will gab for hours about the gossip of the neighborhood and of course add a little more to it.  At times, arguments amongst themselves will ensue…

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One thought on “Smitty – Letter XI”

  1. Thank you, penny.
    You’d think that with so many people enjoying these letters from so long ago that letter-writing would come-back, wouldn’t you?!! Historians of the future will have to search junk yards for forgotten hard-drives to locate texts and emails!


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