The Other Guam Story – George Ray Tweed

Pacific Paratrooper

From:  [article] Together We Served – [photos] Guam History Project

Most everyone knows or vaguely remembers Sgt. Yokoi finally surrendering in 1972, but another soldier was hiding on that island too…..

Lt. George Ray Tweed Lt. George Ray Tweed

 Lieutenant George Ray Tweed, U.S. Navy

After the attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941, Japanese forces soon overran Guam Island in the Pacific. Tweed, then serving as a Navy chief radioman with several other U.S. personal slipped into the jungle rather than surrender. He became the only survivor after the others were captured and killed. He managed to elude Japanese soldiers for two years seven months, providing information to American forces that recaptured Guam Island in July 1944. His survival effort is considered one of the greatest feats in war history to date. For his contributions to the Pacific War victory, he was awarded the Legion of Merit Medal, Silver Star Medal and…

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