How To Change Someone’s Mind…

Stop for a second and ask yourself: ‘How hard is it to actually change someone’s mind?’

Personally, I think it can be pretty damn hard.

The central problem seems to be that, once we have publicly stated any kind of opinion it instantly becomes part of our psychological identity – something that the ego will rush in to defend with the frenzied passion of a wounded Siberian mongoose.

When we feel attacked or threatened in this manner, our knee-jerk reaction is to close down all outside inputs as we ever more frantically seek the certainty and opioid-like relief of ‘being right’.

Which is why, by subconsciously equating being proven wrong with actual damage to our psyche, we are substantively slowing the pace at which we can evolve our ideas.

Changing one’s mind demands humility.

It’s one of the reasons I write.  When I think something may be true, I don’t…

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