LA Metro’s Rail Projects up to 2030


By Noel T. Braymer

With the passage of Measure M last November by over 71% of the vote, funding for future transportation projects are on a strong footing in Los Angeles County. Most of the rail related projects that will be built by 2030 are already under development or will be soon. But the new funding made possible by Measure M will speed up construction of projects already under construction or start construction sooner than was possible without Measure M.
The 8.5 mile Crenshaw/LAX Rail line now under construction is already half finished. It will meet the current Green Line at the Imperial Highway Station at the southeast corner of LAX. The Green line will be extended, sharing the Crenshaw/LAX line up to the Century Blvd as well as the 96th Street stations. The 96th Street station will be the transfer point to the future LAX People Mover which will…

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