Am I just another ‘sad’ story?

Dearest Someone,

I accidentally bought a huge cup of coffee, and man I’m glad I did. It feels as though my brain stopped working about three days ago. I’ve just been gliding through life, drinking tea, coffee, reading Harry Potter and eating frozen, homemade meals that my mum stocked me up on last weekend (hero.)

The weather outside seems to be reflecting my mood – it’s dark, cloudy and looks like it’s about to chuck it down any minute. (In fact, it’s eerily dark, which is quite discomforting if I’m honest). I’m sat in university in the empty social learning zone, with the canteen lights flickering wearily, catching my attention every so often from the corner of my eye. I don’t know whether it’s my mood, but everything seems exhausted and ever so slightly sad today. I’m also cautious that this blog post seems to be going down the route of looking…

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