Human Potential : Eternal Bliss

Minal Dalal Co-Creator


How do one define Eternal Bliss or even simply Bliss? Do we recollect our childhood when nothing around would disturb us. Every moment we would pass was a sheer joyful expression of living. Fully secured, in trust, totally positive, receiving all that we ever wanted, bestowed.

Or do we recollect our being at very rich Nature. With no efforts we are diluted with the Nature around. Our all baggage are grounded. The sheer experience of immense fulfilment, joy and bestowing. As if nothing else has any value or does it matter. You are in trust. You are in total health and knowing. As if every single particle of Nature is showering abundant energy and love over you.

Much beyond such experiences are Eternal Bliss.

It cannot be defined or narrated. It can only be perceived and experienced. And that to constantly. From all around. You experience yourself as one of…

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