Autumn Here, Spring There

Cynthia Reyes


Itโ€™s Springtime now Down Under

While we here are right in the Fall

Hard to believe itโ€™s the same Earth

It barely makes sense at all.

blog-photo-gallivanta-spring-table-with-daffodils Photo Credit: ย


I wonder how folks in the old days

Reacted to this bit of news

That Christmas could be in the summer

Did they think it was some kind of ruse?



Oh โ€“ look what I wrote up above there!

A captive of my point of view

Though for folks in the lands Down Under

This cannot be anything new.

Blog Photo - White garden Solomons seal


So letโ€™s start this poem all over

Letโ€™s turn it upside on its head

And now, it is Fall Over Yonder

But here itโ€™s the time to plant beds.

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