Achieving Flow State in Writing

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I’m in the middle of writing a fantasy novel – something that requires a lot of thought and dipping in and out of drafting. I’m creating individual scenes, detailing specific motivations, and expanding each character’s complexity as the plot moves forward.

I struggle sometimes to “lose myself” while writing, and in some sessions I fail completely to do so. But usually, somewhere along the way, I let go and fall deeply into my work. Psychologists call this “flow,” a state of mind in which your actions feel effortless.

I also experienced flow while working on projectsin art classes. But in art class, like in writing, I couldn’t always achieve flow. My least favorite drawing tool was charcoal. I could never achieve flow state with charcoal because I never learned how to use it effectively. Graphite pencils, on the other hand, I loved. I remember concentrating on the contour line…

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