California High Speed Rail: What’s The Plan?


By Noel T. Braymer

The only thing certain about any plan: is it is subject to change. Currently there is money available to build 119 miles of High Speed Railroad in the San Joaquin Valley between Wasco and Madera with station sites at Hanford and Fresno. The next step planned is to build a maintenance facility and the first trainsets to use the new 119 miles High Speed Railroad to test the trainsets, new railroad and train people how to run a High Speed Rail service. After construction is completed on the first 119 mile in 2019, the plan is to extend and finish construction past Madera to Merced as well as to Gilroy and San Jose.

Ever since work got underway on the California High Speed Rail project, there has been opposition to it and constant predictions by its opponents of its impending doom. This is not unusual for…

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