What Amtrak and Wick Moorman are getting wrong


By Noel T. Braymer

Recently the staff of Trains Magazine had an interview with Amtrak President Wick Moorman and his plans to fix Amtrak before handing it over to a yet unnamed successor in hopefully the near future. This was discussed in a recent blog from Fred Frailey on the Trains Magazine’s website. This is a quote from Mr. Frailey’s blog
“I get the impression from our conversation with Moorman that his day-to-day attention will be directed first of all to securing funding for needed improvements to the Northeast Corridor, which Amtrak owns, and secondly to improving Amtrak’s relations with states that support the shorter-haul trains. It’s fair to say most states which pay for Amtrak trains feel they are overcharged based on what they get in return. Indiana has rebelled, putting marketing and equipment of the Hoosier State in the hands of short line operator Iowa Pacific Holdings. Other states would like to…

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