2,000 Posts

Like “A Busy Railroad”, “Road Vehicles On The Rails” , “There’s an Incredible Collection of Classic Cars Hiding Away in a Brooklyn Garage”; but others good too

The Arts Mechanical

This is the 2,000th post I’ve done for this blog.  In less than two years.  The amount of people looking at this blog has increased since I started so I thought that I would share some posts that are cool, but almost nobody else has seen.  This is stuff I posted a long time ago, but that  didn’t get seen or noticed.  Some of these are stuff that I would now put in a tech stuff post.  Some of it is just stuff that never got noticed when I posted it.

A history of video tape


Copper and other big time mining


Making toys


Rube Goldberg with optics


The wonderful world of automata


A very quick look at a trip to Japan


Hoarded cars in Brooklyn


Making stormtrooper armor for Star Wars in 1976


a virtual map of 17th Century London


Flying a…

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