Just a blur

The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)

Tuesday 6th December

Last Christmas was just a blur

Everything happened around me

This year it’s much more acute

I’m facing the stark, cold reality.

Shock and numbness have worn off

And sadly, in view for all to see

My broken heart is missing a piece

You’re no longer here with family.

I seem to be reminded every day

How much you enjoyed the holidays

All the lights, glitter and sparkle

You should be here for always.

But all is quiet, no joyful laughter

There’s just a great, big empty space

One vacant chair, waiting for you

To sit down, and take your place.

But we’ll keep talking about you

And I’ll certainly keep talking to you

Your presence remains everywhere

Our love will help me to get through.

Treasured Angel

Moon and beyond

Alive in our hearts

A precious bond.


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