The True Cost Of The Dysfunctional Economy

The Arts Mechanical

I’ve talked at length about the dysfunctional economy.  The true cost of that economy was made clear to me when I had Thanksgiving dinner with my sister, her husband and my parents.  Before coming to the restaurant they had visited a friend who was in jail for second degree murder because her husband had committed suicide wit drugs and  alcohol that the woman had apparently obtained.  This is not an uncommon thing in this dysfunctional economy.  In fact all over the place I keep hearing stories of people my age in similar circumstances.  Along with mental health issues.  The globalist dreams of the elite Davos crowd is having a huge cost in illness and death across the US. This Daily mail article has more.

But scientists were baffled as to why white, middle aged Americans were bucking the national trend of decreasing death rates. Now two economists believe they have found the answer.

Justin Pierce…

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