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Choosing A Career Based On Your Personality


One of the most complex struggles of life is finding that perfect career. Sometimes, knowing what path you want your life to go down can be incredibly difficult. The problem is that there are so many different things to consider, that choosing a career that’s right for you can seem almost impossible.

Childcare Development Center/Crestwood High School cheerleaders

However, the key to finding that ideal role is much more simple than you would think – it’s taking your personality into account. This may sound strange, but finding that perfect career isn’t just about your passions and interests, but also about who you are as a person. Or, at least, it should be. You see, each career suits certain types of people because of the work that has to be done.

With that in mind, below are some career suggestions based on personality.

Careers that are ideal for caring people

A medical role is often seen…

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Top 5 Apps for Depression 

Apps Reviewed

1.Depression CBT Self-Help Guide

Managing of depression involves understanding depression and and the factors that lead to the symptoms. Learning to manage life stress and practicing self care behavior improves the symptoms and mood. The App contains depression severity test,audios,cognitive diary, articles and point system that will help you in overcoming depression.

2.Free Your Mind Hypnosis

The App has 11 subjects which it deals with but only one is free. It addresses your negative beliefs and helps you to connect your conscious to unconscious mind,the part which drives you behavior. It has good audio and pleasing visuals which will help you to relax and free your mind which ultimately will lead to a better life.

3.Fabulous – Motivate Me

The App makes a plan for you to have better life which involves simple tasks. It is a kind of integrated coaching which involves 7 minute work outs,zen and vipasana meditation…

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Live at the Apollo: James Brown’s Explosive Masterpiece

Tangled Up In Music


I have no doubt that live albums can be just as valid of an artistic statement as the studio ones if done right. But what exactly should an artist do on stage to make it worth not only seeing him but also paying a little extra cash to have that performance in audio format? Well, there is the case of the performance being important from a historical perspective. When it comes to albums such as Neil Young’s Time Fades Away or Bob Dylan’s Live at the Royal Albert Hall the back-story is just as important as the music itself. Knowing that both artists were defying audience’s expectations in order to follow their artistic vision adds an extra dimension to the whole experience – you can almost sense the tension (or hear the booing in the case of Dylan) as if you’re part of the crowd on that particular day.


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